Three reasons why your flooring should be installed by professionals

Three reasons why your flooring should be installed by professionals

Installing flooring on your own may seem like a fun DIY task but it can be a large and ambitious project. It’s a step up from a surface-level task such as painting and doesn’t involve wiring or plumbing. Installing new flooring isn’t simply a rip-and-replace job, and failure to properly do so can be costly to your house, wallet, and your sanity.

Whether it’s hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, laminate or tile flooring, Marra Flooring & Design can connect you with installation professionals who are able to transform the surface beneath your feet.

Deciding whether to leave a home project to the professionals can be a difficult decision for every homeowner. Here are some reasons you should leave the job to the pros:


Depending on the depth of your knowledge, it’s a safe bet that a flooring installation contractor has the edge over you in experience and skill. With the help of a professional, you are assured the job will be completed correctly and efficiently in terms of waste disposal.

The unknown

Until you tear up your carpet or vinyl flooring, you don’t know what’s underneath. Cracks or rot in the subfloor can be a significant headache, the damage could even extend to the joists or beams. When an unexpected situation happens, a flooring installation professional has seen it and found a solution. Let them apply their tried-and-true expertise.


The prospect of saving you money on labor probably is the biggest appeal to installing your own flooring, but if it isn’t done correctly, the inverse can happen quickly. You could end up wasting money, and also time, in the long run.

Any setback you incur could force you to start all over, forcing you to spend more on materials. One way you can save money is by prepping the floor by removing doors, baseboards or trim and sealing other rooms to control the ensuing dust. You also can move the furniture yourself.

From there, let the professionals take over. They will have all the tools and experience to make the job go as smoothly as possible. Ready to get started with local flooring professionals? Give us a call today.