Make the most of your area rugs

Area rugs are an impressive way to add beautiful visuals to any room in your home. But they are just as beneficial for durability and protection. Combining the benefits you'll find in these products is a great way to get everything they offer.

Area rugs are a beautiful addition

If a space needs a little something extra, indoor and outdoor rugs could be the perfect addition. You can complement existing decor or create a visual center with ease. Consider these various options for visual appeal:

• Color
• Design
• Pattern
• Fiber choice
• Shape
• Size
• Binding options
• And more

Some rugs are perfect for every specific type of interior design. However, one rug may not fit, while another is the ideal combination of attributes. Be sure to browse the extensive options available in this product line for the best results.

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Floor protection and longevity

Adding runners and area rugs is a great way to protect your main flooring and keep traffic off the surface. Living room rugs, for example, provide an excellent barrier against daily wear. Place them in areas where activity is highest to reap the most significant rewards and benefits.

Using these rugs underneath heavy furniture can prevent denting and crushing. The piece distributes the furniture weight so it doesn't damage the flooring beneath, which means remodeling yields better results and happier homeowners.

More appreciated benefits with area rugs

An area rug is a beautiful addition to busy homes, reducing noise and creating a calmer space. Footfalls, voices, child's play, and pet travel are quieter, and it's a perfect option for playrooms. But they also offer a warmer space, wherever they're installed. 

Heat retention works to keep homes warmer, but it can also save money on energy bills. And when you choose products with a long lifespan, these savings will add up over time. Be sure to ask about all the extra benefits these rugs offer when you speak with our team.
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