Pet friendly flooring

Pet friendly flooring

There’s nothing like bringing a new pet into the family. Particularly during difficult or challenging times, animal companionship is important. Studies have shown that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, pets have provided necessary “nonjudgmental emotional support” to adults quarantined in isolation. Science confirms what dog and cat lovers have always known: pets give us a much-needed endorphin boost!

On the other hand, their sharp nails and muddy paws can undoubtedly wreak havoc on our flooring. How can you keep your floors or carpet looking great when you have a four-legged friend in your home?

Contrary to popular belief, if you are a pet owner, you are in no way required to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. There are plenty of options that look great and can sustain even the harshest scratches, stains, and spills.

Stone or tile flooring

While every pet owner's goal is to ensure their furry friend ends up housebroken as soon as possible, accidents happen. Furthermore, water bowls, drools, and dragged-in mud and snow can warp sensitive flooring.

The weather-resistant quality is the main reason why stone and tile are such popular options for pet owners, but they’re also exceptionally easy to clean—and look striking in your home.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in recent years. It is available in plenty of designs that mimic the look of luxury flooring products, including natural stone, tile, or hardwood.

You can easily create the illusion of a natural and stunning tile or stone floor at a very minimal cost. Incredibly durable, waterproof, and surprisingly resistant to scratches, vinyl is an excellent option for the pet lover on a tighter budget.

For all your flooring needs, it’s best to speak to the professionals. Home renovation projects are lots of fun, but we advise you to reach out for a consultation. Marra Flooring & Design's selection is vast, and as pet lovers themselves, our flooring experts will be happy to help you get started!