Luxury vinyl floor care tips

Luxury vinyl floor care tips

Luxury vinyl has become the go to choice for many families because they are interested in lifeproofing their home. This flooring option is outstanding since vinyl is water and stain resistant, which means kid proof in many households. Additionally, vinyl mimics the look of many more expensive flooring options such as hardwood so you can have a luxury look at more affordable vinyl prices.

There are things to remember when caring for your new vinyl floors, and we’ll cover some of the tips you can use to keep that Michigan vinyl flooring looking pristine in your home.

First off, a soft bristle broom is a must for vinyl floors. Since vinyl is eventually able to be scuffed and scratched, a softer broom will clean up sand grains or crumbs in a non-abrasive way. The non-abrasive principle goes for vacuuming as well, avoid vacuuming with a beater bar since the suction will clean your vinyl floors just fine on its own.

Second, a damp mop is best for cleaning up spills and occasionally cleaning your entire vinyl flooring space. A sopping wet mop can leave excess water on your floors that could seep into the joints of your vinyl.

As with any flooring at the entrance or exit of your home, a door mat will work wonders for the lifespan of your floors. Your vinyl has two great enemies, dirt and chemicals. While we already mentioned how abrasive dirt can scuff your floors, chemicals from asphalt can travel in on your shoes and potentially yellow your vinyl.

Fourth, make sure you use protective felt feet or covers for the impact points of heavier furniture that you place in rooms with vinyl and wood floors. This protects from indentations and scuffing should you need to shift your furniture. If you are moving large appliances across your vinyl floors you should always create a plywood path to avoid irreversible scratches.

Finally, here’s a fun tip for your bathroom vinyl floors, use a squirt of shampoo and warm water in your cleaning bucket to cut through hairspray buildup on your bathroom floors. Shampoo is designed to work at cutting through hairspray buildup in your hair, and it is a low impact cleaner that is safe for your floors.

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